Termites are known for their appetite for wood and the property damage they cause. Protect your house and your belongings with these tips to prevent termites in the home.

Trim Tree Branches to Prevent Termites in the Home

Damaged, dead, or dying trees provide both food and shelter to a termite colony. As the colony expands, termites will need other places to find food. Pay attention to your yard and remove dead or dying branches from your trees and shrubs. Keep all foliage trimmed back and away from your home. If you notice a termite colony has taken over a tree, the tree will need to be treated by a professional to keep the colony from spreading.

Keep Sources of Food Away from Your Home

For termite colonies to thrive, they need cellulose or wood products for food. To keep termites away from your home, remove materials that serve as a food source. Recycle stacks of cardboard boxes and newspapers. If you have a woodpile, store the firewood outdoors on a raised platform at least 15 feet away from the side of your home.

Minimize Moisture

Termite colonies flourish in moist conditions. If plumbing leaks are found in your home, make repairs immediately. Check air conditioning units for leaks. Keep the gutters clean. When leaves and twigs collect in gutters, they cause blockages and an ideal place for termite colonies. Clean the guttering at least twice each year.

Remove Clutter to Prevent Termites in the Home

Keeping your house clutter-free helps to prevent termites by eliminating places they can feed. Declutter the garage, basement, and crawl space, making sure there are no sources of food in these areas. Take out the trash and recycling regularly and don’t let trash accumulate. Don’t store wood or particleboard furniture in the basement or garage. Discard or donate furniture if you no longer have space for it.

Use Treated Timber

Wood is one of the favorite food sources of termites. If you are working on a project that requires timber, such as constructing a fence or building a deck, treating the wood is essential. Purchase pressure-treated lumber or use a boric acid solution to help protect the wood around your home from termites.

Keep Mulch Away from the Foundation to Prevent Termites in the Home

Mulch makes your property look cared-for and attractive, but it also creates a favorable environment for termites to thrive. When mulching flower beds, keep the product 4 – 6 inches away from your home’s siding and foundation.

Regular Termite Inspections

The above methods work to help prevent termites from accessing your home. However, the best means of protecting your property from termite damage is with regular professional inspections. Get a professional’s advice on measures to take to prevent a termite infestation.

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