A home inspection is most often requested and paid for by a buyer at the time of the sale. This inspection gives the buyer an advantage, as the deal is dependent on the findings of the inspection report. However, the seller of a home has the option to order a pre-listing inspection before putting the house on the market. This eliminates unpleasant surprises and gives the owner more time to perform needed repairs.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

It Gives the Seller Options

With a pre-listing inspection, the owner will learn about issues in the property and can choose whether or not to have repairs done. Repairs made might add value to the home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Issues that are not remedied can be discussed with the buyer and the property can be priced accordingly. 

A Pre-Listing Inspection is Appealing to Buyers

Your house will look more attractive to prospective buyers if you provide them with a pre-listing inspection report. This shows to them that you are serious about the care and maintenance of your property and that you are upfront about the home’s deficiencies. If offered the report, a buyer may decide to waive their home inspection, which will speed up the sale.

Determine the Asking Price

A pre-listing inspection might reveal you can increase your asking price, or it could help you adjust the price to be more fair. If both the seller and the buyer are aware of problems with the property, there won’t be a need for lengthy negotiations.

Less Stress for the Seller

The traditional buyer’s inspection can be stressful for the seller. It may showcase unexpected problems with the house. After the buyer’s inspection, the seller won’t have a lot of time in which to fix pertinent issues before risking losing the sale. With a pre-listing inspection, these surprises are eliminated and the seller will have plenty of time to get quotes from local contractors for the work that should be done.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Puts the Buyer at Ease

While the pre-inspection report cannot replace the seller’s disclosure form, it can put a buyers at ease because they know the property’s defects. This gives the buyer more confidence in their offer. The seller will appear more trustworthy, making the homebuyer more likely to want to do business with them.

With all the benefits that a pre-listing inspection offers, this type of inspection may one day become a regular part of a real estate transaction. It provides useful information for the buyer and seller, making problems with the home more transparent to both parties. 

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