Most people who want to sell their homes wait until the snow has melted and spring has come. Winter weather is harsh on a home and many buyers put off their home search until springtime because more homes will be on the market. Here are 5 tasks to add to your checklist for getting your home ready to sell in spring.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

You may wonder why a pre-listing inspection is necessary when you know your buyer will order an inspection later on in the process. However, it’s best to find out about issues in your own inspection than from the buyer’s.

Having a professional home inspection before ever listing the home for sale gives you a list of any issues that may be problematic for a buyer. You’ll have the opportunity to fix them ahead of time or lower the price to account for them. It is always better to be upfront when selling a home because a buyer will discover any problems through their own inspection.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell by Sprucing Up the Exterior

While you may not be able to do much about the yard until warmer weather arrives, you can still improve the curb appeal of your home by painting your front door and mailbox, replacing broken window screens, refreshing the address numbers on the home, and pruning bushes and shrubs.

Make Minor Repairs

Minor cosmetic issues won’t typically cause a buyer to walk away, but the home will be more appealing to potential buyers if there aren’t small eyesores throughout the house. Areas of chipped paint, broken outlet covers, and loose doorknobs are easy to fix yourself and are perfect indoor projects for the colder months.

Address Any Major Problems

If you have a failing roof or termite damage, it will be a red flag for the buyer when they find out about it after their inspection. It is best to either fix serious problems or disclose them to the buyer and lower the price to account for future repairs. If you don’t have the budget to pay for the repairs upfront, adjust the asking price.

Deep Clean to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

You may still be living in the home when you put it on the market, which means you’ll have to put extra effort into keeping it clean and tidy. When you are done making any needed repairs, perform a thorough deep cleaning on the home. Prospective buyers will make assumptions on how well you’ve maintained the house based on how clean it is when they tour it.

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