In summer, you’re probably spending more time outside. It’s the perfect time to make some improvements to your outdoor space at home. Here are 5 deck and patio ideas to make these spaces more attractive and functional.

Deck and Patio Ideas to Add Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference when spending time on a deck or patio. If your outdoor space doesn’t have adequate light, you’ll likely go inside after dark. Add string lights, solar lanterns, or a light fixture that is hardwired to the house. You’ll find hundreds of options online or at your local hardware store.


Adding shade to a hot and sunny outdoor space makes it much more comfortable. Simple ways to add shade include installing a shade sail or investing in a large patio umbrella or potted tree. For a more permanent solution, construct an awning or roof over the area. This is a job for a professional if you are not experienced in this type of construction.


If your outdoor space is in close proximity to a neighbor’s property, making it more private can be a great improvement. Thick, weatherproof outdoor curtains are a stylish option that can be opened and closed based on the need for privacy. A privacy wall or fence may seem expensive to build, but you can repurpose free pallets for a rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best activities to do outside is to have a cookout. Turn your deck or patio into an outdoor kitchen by adding a grill. Build a bar and cabinets to complete the outdoor kitchen. Use it as a place for family dinners and entertaining guests.

Add Patterns with Stencils

One way to add unique decor to your deck or patio is to paint patterns using stencils. You can give your concrete patio a tiled look or paint designs on deck railings. Use colors that will complement the rest of your home and designs that suit the existing style.

Deck and Patio Ideas for Built-In Seating

Built-in benches that open to reveal a storage compartment are useful additions to an outdoor space. You’ll accomplish two things: more seating and additional storage. Store things like garden tools, bags of soil, and charcoal inside of the benches.

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