You may be aware of many potential dangers in your home, like house fires, mold, and carbon monoxide. However, radon is an unseen threat that affects one in fifteen homes in the United States. Living with high levels of radon has serious health implications, so familiarize yourself with the dangers of radon and take action.

Radon: From Underground Into Your Home

Radon originates underground as a byproduct of other radioactive elements. As it seeps upwards out of the ground, it dissipates into the atmosphere. It becomes a problem when the gas infiltrates homes and buildings through cracks, gaps, and porous building materials. Once it is inside, it is difficult for it to escape. Radon accumulates to levels that are unsafe to breathe but is not detectable with the senses.

What are the Dangers of Radon?

Over 20,000 people die due to radon every year in this country. Radon is the most common cause of lung cancer, second to smoking cigarettes. Breathing in high levels of radon damages lung cells. Lung cancer often progresses without symptoms until it is too late, so it has a poor prognosis.

Radon Testing Done Right

The only way to learn about a radon problem is through a radon test. There are a few different ways to test a home for radon. With something this serious, you never want to go with the cheapest option. Opt for a professional test instead of conducting a DIY test on your own. DIY tests are often inaccurate, due to faulty equipment and user error.

Remedies for the Dangers of Radon

Fortunately, you can catch a radon problem early and reduce the levels before it affects the health of your family members. Hire a radon mitigation company to install the right mitigation system for your situation. Some of the methods used to lower radon levels are called active soil depressurization and crawlspace sub-membrane depressurization. The professional will also seal up gaps where radon is getting in.

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