Having a pet in your home can be a challenge at times. Pets leave fur, stains, or spills every so often, leaving us with the task of cleaning after them. It is essential to keep both your pet and environment clean to maintain a safe, healthy, neat, and odor-free environment for everyone. We have gathered some of the best cleaning tips for pet owners below. 

Here Are Some Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners:

1. Mats

Doormats are an easy solution to prevent and trap dirt before it enters your home. Pets with wet paws leave a messy trail as they enter the house and can spread dirt to your couch or bed. Placing a doormat outside a cat’s litter box is a great way to catch excess litter before it gets dragged around the house. Additionally, put their food and water bowls on mats to help minimize the mess.

2. Regular Grooming Cleaning Tip

Most animals shed fur. This hair can end up all around your home and can even get stuck in your air filters and vents if you let it build up. A great way to prevent this is to groom your pet regularly. Grooming removes the loose hair before it has the chance to cause a mess around your home.

3. Cleaning the Feeding Area

As mentioned above, the feeding area gets messy very quickly. An easy way to minimize mess is to feed your pet dry foods. Store their food in sealable containers that are out of reach.

4. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Enzymes

When your pet has an accident, always use an enzymatic cleaner to break down the bacteria for a more thorough clean. For the most effective clean, absorb as much as you can of the mess first, then wipe the area down with the specially formulated cleaner.

5. Neutralize the Pet Odor

Another cleaning tip for pet owners is always to keep an automatic air freshener in your home. Air fresheners help neutralize any odors within your home. If you do not have an air freshener on hand, you can also use baking soda on carpets, furniture, and sheets to neutralize pet odors.

6. Collars and Toys for Pet Owners

When cleaning your home and your pet, don’t forget to clean their collar and toys as well. Bacteria and dirt can often build up and cause lingering odors. 

7. Lint Roller for Pet Owners

To remove fur from surfaces, use a lint roller. A lint roller helps you keep your clothes free from hair and the odor that can sometimes come along with it. If you do not have a lint roller, duct tape is a great cleaning tip for pet owners. It removes hair quickly from your furniture or clothing.

8. Consider Slipcover Tips for Pet Owners

If your pets have a favorite spot on any sofa, get a slipcover to protect the furniture from collecting fur. A cover is easy to clean as you can just remove and wash it with ease.

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